Registration for the 2018-19 Season will be held Saturday, Sept. 8th starting at 10 am. Moore Sports Complex.  For all programs.    

Fall Sessions begin September 11th, 2018

Test dates for the 2018-19 season are: 

Check back for updates

For more info click on the link below

Test Day Information


2018 Summer Success Power Skating Camps 

2018 MSC Summer Registration Form

2018/19 Skating Programs

 2018 – 19 season registrations forms pending Canskate

 2018 – 19 season registrations forms pending Starskate

 2018 – 19 season registrations forms pending Private

Power Skating Form 2018 -19 Fall and Winter Season Sessions Pending

Power Session1


Power Session2


Power ession3


The cancellation dates for the coming season are:
please check back for cancellation dates for 2018-19 Season
These dates are tentative and subject to change.
Please watch for notification at the arena and on our web site.
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CanSkate is Skate Canada’s learn to skate program.  Designed for beginners, the focus is on fun, participation and basic skill development. Participants earn ribbons and badges as skills are mastered. Skaters are taught in a group lesson format by Skate Canada professional coaches and supported by trained program assistants.

CanFigureSkate offers opportunities for skaters to develop fundamental figure skating skills in areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating. This program teaches figure skating in a group format. Skaters have the opportunity to take Skate Canada Tests through a nationally standardized testing system.

Private Skating
Private skating lessons are available and offer the skater one-on-one coaching with a professional coach of their choice.

Power Skating
An action-packed, high energy instructional power skating program geared to hockey players that focuses on balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. Skills, techniques and conditioning drills are taught in a progressive format that emphasizes how the skills apply to game situations.



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 2019 ICE SHOW

Date of Show coming soon

Date of Picture Day coming soon


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We will no longer be selling items from the booster box. If you have any items in the box please make arrangements to pick up your items.  You can post the items for sale on our Facebook page.


Let us know if you have a great fundraising ideas, or any questions or concerns, please email or ask a board member in the lobby at the skating table or check the website frequently.

If you are interested in working bingo’s for the skating club, you must receive training.

Bingo Country has the following training dates in 2018


Jackpot city

June 5th

7:00pm @ Community Living

551 Exmouth st.

Please contact Marg if you are able to participate.

If you have been trained, here are the following Bingo dates for 2018

Sunday June 10th

6:30pm and 8:30pm

July 5th Thursday 8:30 and 10:30

August 30th Thursday:4:30 and 6:30

September 9th Sunday 4:30 and 6:30

September 22 Saturday 6:30


Please sign up for the bingo’s by calling Marg (519-864-1068).

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Coaches at Moore: 

Anita Amy
Karen Collins
Carol MacPherson
Cindy Oakley

Private lesson coaches:

Karen Collins •
Cindy Oakley   •

Board of directors:

President • Cherie Gaulton
Past President • Beth Machan
Vice President  Darrell Gignac
Power Skating • Michele Gladwish
Treasurer • Katie Gaulton
Assistant Treasurer Caley Evans
Secretary • Jennifer Anthony
Media/Communications • Sarah Ward
Fundraising • Samantha VanHooft
Ice Relations • pending
Volunteer Coordinator • Angela Schram
Test Chair • Mackenzie Kada
Registration • Joanne Torraville
Webmaster •Marianne Gignac
Coaches Rep •Pending

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Moore Skating Club
P.O. Box 1193 – Corunna, ON

All classes take place at the:
Mooretown Sports Complex
1166 Emily St – Mooretown, ON

General Inquiries:

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